Bangalore to Hogenakkal waterfalls All-Inclusive Package

Bangalore to Hogenakkal waterfalls All-Inclusive Package

Bangalore to Hogenakkal waterfalls, also known as “Niagara of India,” is a picturesque waterfall located on the Kaveri River in the Dharmapuri district of Tamil Nadu, India. The falls are situated at the border of Karnataka state too. The water cascades down from a height of around 50 feet, creating multiple channels and forming a natural pool at the base. The falls are surrounded by lush green forests and offer an excellent spot for picnics and nature walks. Visitors can also enjoy swimming, boating, and fishing nearby. It is a famous Tourist spot and a pilgrimage spot as well.

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Bangalore to Hogenakkal waterfalls cab rentals Package

The natural beauty of the Hogenakkal waterfalls and several other exciting things to see and do in the area. One of the most popular activities is taking a boat ride on the river to see the falls from a different perspective. The boat ride takes visitors through the channels formed by the falls and provides a close-up view of the cascading water.

Another popular activity is visiting the nearby Hogenakkal fossil park, where visitors can see ancient fossilized tree trunks over 120 million years old. The park is also home to a variety of wildlife, including elephants, deer, and a variety of bird species.

Hogenakkal is also known for its Ayurvedic treatments, where the water of the falls is used for medicinal purposes.

As it is located on the border of two states, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, it has a blend of the culture and traditions of both states. Hence it is a great place to explore the combination of two cultures and traditions.

Overall, Hogenakkal waterfall is an excellent destination for those looking to enjoy nature, adventure, and cultural experiences.

Bangalore to Hogenakkal Waterfalls by Car

The distance between Bangalore and Hogenakkal waterfalls is approximately 180km and can take around 4-5 hours by car, depending on traffic and road conditions. Therefore, the best route from Bangalore to Hogenakkal is the Bangalore-Dharmapuri-Hogenakkal route.

You can take the NH-48 (Bangalore-Chennai Highway) and then take the exit to the left towards Harohalli, continue on this road for around 30 km and take the exit towards Dharmapuri. From Dharmapuri, take the road toward Hogenakkal.

It is recommended to start the journey early in the morning to avoid traffic and to reach the Hogenakkal falls before the rush hour. Also, checking the road conditions and weather before leaving is best to avoid any unexpected delays.

One can hire a car or taxi to Hogenakkal from Bangalore. This can be a convenient option if you want to avoid the hassle of driving, and it will also provide you with a comfortable ride.

Bangalore to Hogenakkal Waterfalls Cabs

Onewaycabbookings cab service providers operate from Bangalore to Hogenakkal waterfalls. Some of the popular providers include Uber, Ola, and Meru. These cabs can be booked through their respective mobile apps or their websites. They offer various cabs to suit different budgets, like sedans, SUVs, etc. It is advisable to book a taxi in advance to ensure that a vehicle is available on the day of your trip.

You can also opt for car rental services, which offer cabs with a driver. This can be a more convenient option, as the driver will handle all the driving and navigation, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the ride. Some popular car rental services in the area are

The fare for these cabs varies depending on the type of car, distance, and time of the day, so it’s best to check the fare estimates and compare prices before booking.

 Taking a cab from Bangalore to Hogenakkal waterfalls can be convenient and comfortable. Still, it can be more expensive than other options, such as public transportation or driving.

Best Season to Visit Hogenakkal

Hogenakkal is a popular tourist destination located in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. The best season to visit Hogenakkal is from August to December. During these months, the weather is pleasant and comfortable, making it the perfect time to explore the many natural wonders of the area.

August marks the beginning of the post-monsoon season, and the weather is ideal for outdoor activities. The lush green forests and the waterfalls are in full flow and the greenery is at its best. The temperature is also moderate and ranges between 20 to 30 degree Celsius, making it perfect to explore the place.

September and October are also good months to visit Hogenakkal, as the monsoon season has ended and the weather is dry and sunny. These months are also ideal for photography as the natural beauty of the area is at its peak.

November and December are also good months to visit Hogenakkal as the weather is cool and pleasant. The cool breeze and the beautiful sunsets make it an ideal time to explore the place and to enjoy the scenic beauty.

the period from August to December is the best season to visit Hogenakkal. The weather is pleasant, the natural beauty of the area is at its best, and the crowds are less compared to other seasons, making it an ideal time to explore and enjoy the beauty of this place.

Bangalore to Hogenakkal Waterfalls Car Package

have pre-made packages specifically for a car rental from Bangalore to Hogenakkal waterfalls. However, you can still find car rental services that provide a car and a driver for your trip from Bangalore to Hogenakkal waterfalls. Some popular car rental services in the area are onewaycabbookings. You can visit their websites or contact them directly to inquire about the package and pricing options. They will provide you with the cost of renting a car and a driver for the round trip, along with any additional services you may require, such as fuel, tolls, and parking charges.

You can also check with tour operators and travel agencies, and they may offer a package that includes car rental and other services such as accommodation, meals, and sightseeing. But, it’s best to research and compare different options to find the package that best suits your needs and budget.

Vehicle Type Model Capacity Start from Per Km
Hatchback Indica or similar 4 seater Rs. 9
Sedan Dzire, Etios or similar 4 seater Rs. 10
SUV Innova, Innova Crysta, Xylo, Ertiga or similar 8 seater Rs. 14
Maxi Cab Tempo traveller 12 seater Rs. 17
Maxi Cab Tempo traveller 18 seater Rs. 28
Bus Tourist Bus 21 seater Rs. 25
Luxury -Sedan Audi ,BMW /Similar 4 seater Rs. 50
Luxury -SUV Rolls-Royce /Similar 6 seater Rs. 40

Bangalore to Hogenakkal Waterfalls Taxi Fare

The cost of a taxi from Bangalore to Hogenakkal Waterfalls will vary depending on your taxi type, the time of day, and traffic conditions. However, on average, the fare for a round trip in a standard cab can range from around 4,000-7,000 INR. Therefore, it is always best to check with a local taxi company or service for the most authentic fare.

Additionally, a few other things to remember when planning a trip from Bangalore to Hogenakkal Waterfalls by taxi.

  • The distance between the two locations is around 180km and the journey time is approximately 4-5 hours, depending on traffic conditions.
  • Some taxi companies may also offer round-trip fares or package deals, including stops at other popular destinations.
  • Consider booking a taxi in advance to ensure availability and potentially negotiate a better rate.
  • It is also important to note that the fare may vary depending on your car type.  AC Sedan car will be more expensive than a Non AC Sedan car, and an SUV will be more Cheap Price than Sedan.
  • It is always good to check the taxi company’s credentials and reviews before finalizing the deal to ensure a safe and comfortable journey.

Boating in Hogenakkal Falls 

While the beauty of the falls is mesmerizing, it also attracts many tourists due to their medicinal healing powers, trekking routes, and boat rides during the dry season. Boating is possible in coracles during the dry season as the water of the Kaveri river is relatively peaceful. The coracles are basket-shaped boats fashioned out of bamboo, with animal hide or plastic sheets for the bottom. They measure 2.5km across, can seat four people, and are steered by hand using a single wooden paddle.(750/- Per Boat for 4 Person) and Boat riders charges will be Extra The river is also abundant in a wide variety of fish sold on the banks in improvised stalls.


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